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Hand-held Laser Module

The product has high quality import laser diode and optical lens which is small and easy taken to use, especially with outdoors working. The laser comes with driver circuit, optics, cooling system and 18650 lithium battery and charger. The output power is 30mW -5000 Mw.
Output wavelength: 532nm 635nm 650nm 660nm 808nm 980nm
Output power: 532nm  50~300mw
                         635nm  0.5~30mw
                         650nm  0.5~200mw
                         660nm  0.5~300mw 
                         808nm  500~5000mw
                         980nm  200~3000mw
Operating voltage: 3.6V DC
Operating current: ≤5500mA
Optics: coated glass lens or plastic lens
Size: Φ36×153mm;Φ46×167mm 
Operating temperature: -10℃~40℃  
Storage temperature:-40℃~85℃
Laser classification: Ⅲb


In addition: The light shape of these lasers can be made to line or cross and the focus and line thickness are adjustable according to working distance.